The My People Person Process


The goal at My People Person is to deliver top quality candidates who not only fill the hard skills aspects of the job but who are also a cultural fit with your organization.  In a small to mid-sized company every employee plays an important role and each employee has an impact on the overall personality and energy of the organization.  It is critical that each employee reflects the personality and energy that you want your company to be known for.  That is why I developed the My People Person Right Fit Process.

The Right Fit Process starts with a Vision, Values, and Culture meeting with you, the Rainmaker.  As the head of your business, you understand better than anyone the culture you have and the culture you want to create in your business.  You know your values, and you know the values you want your company to be known for as a representation of you.  You know where your company has been, where it is today and where it can be tomorrow with the right people.  You know what it takes to build the company you envision. At a Vision, Values, and Culture meeting, I want to get to know this too.

I also get to know your staff.  I sit down with existing staff members at your office to meet with them and get a feel for the type of employee you have on staff now and who your best and worst performers are.  By meeting with staff and getting a feel for your office environment, I am able to develop a deep understanding of your company culture and the unique traits and strengths of your key employees.

Once I have met with you and your staff I am able to construct a customized plan to source, recruit and hire employees who are the Right Fit for your organization.  I compose custom job postings to attract just the type of employee you are looking for.  I create customized questionnaires for phone and face-to-face interviews to ensure prospective candidates meet the criteria you are looking for.  I then utilize state-of-the-art selection and screening tools to ensure the best for your organization.

The My People Person approach is not a cookie cutter.  It is a customized method built to suit the unique needs of your organization.  Contact me today, and let me be Your People Person. 

Services List

Candidate Sourcing

Hiring the best employees starts with knowing where to find the best candidates.  Unlike traditional staffing agencies, who have a roster of candidates that are not working now who they can quickly offer to you as the best candidate for our firm...

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Employee Selection

 The My People Person difference is rooted in candidate selection.  By utilizing state of the art screening tools, I am able to identify the perfect candidate for your organization.  Selecting the right candidate for a company is not magic, it is not an art...

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Employee Transition Services

No one likes to be the “Hatchet Man,” but as business owners, we have all had to play that role.  It is simply a function of being in business.However, just because we have all had to play that role, it doesn’t mean you have to be the one to pull the trigger...

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Once the ideal candidate has been selected, there is still work to be done, and My People Person does not leave you to face the final hurdle on your own.  My People Person is there with you all the way to your new employee’s start date...

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