Personality Surveys


Why Personality Surveys Are A Good Idea


It is time to add another Research Analyst to your team.  You have read a stack of resumes and have interviewed three candidates.  All three candidates have a solid enough background, and all three have the degrees that you are looking for.  The hard part has become choosing which one to hire.  You decide to hire Jane.  She is a great communicator and was very excited about the job opportunity.


Jane gladly accepts and starts her new job on Monday.  By Wednesday you know you have made the wrong hire.  Jane is not a good fit for your organization and does not have the attention to detail needed to successfully do her job much less be the “Superstar” you expected her to be.  She already complains loudly to everyone in the department when she does not get her way and is causing discord among your other employees.


How did things go so wrong?  Jane’s resume indicated a track record of success in just the type of job you have hired her for, and she interviewed well in the fifteen minutes you had to spare to hire for this position.  How did you get here?


We have all been in this position looking back and wondering how the hiring process we have established has resulted in such poor results.  But don’t beat yourself up about it.  It’s not you it’s your process.


Hiring based on resumes and interviews alone is a crapshoot and produces poor results more often than not.  Pre-Employment testing gives you an advantage.  Personality Surveys give you a more complete view of a candidate and how they will fit in your organization before you hire and give you valuable information about how to coach, train and motivate your employees post-hire as well.


The use of a Personality Survey enables you to match individuals to positions where they will excel.  A resume can provide you with an indication of skills and prior experience, but a well-constructed Personality Survey allows you to see if the potential employee has the temperament to excel at and enjoy the job.  When you match people to jobs that use their natural skills they are happier, more productive and are the “Superstars” you are looking to hire.


At My People Person, a personality survey and aptitude test are an integral part of the selection process.   These tools help to identify the key strengths and weaknesses in an employee before you hire them.  This allows you to identify candidates that not only have the hard skills that you are looking for, but who have the personality and intellect to fit in well with your organization. 


Employee selection does not have to be a shot in the dark.  Call me today and let me be your People Person.